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Transformation of the global food system is urgently needed as more than 3 billion people are malnourished (undernourished or overnourished), and industrial food production is exceeding planetary boundaries — driving biodiversity loss, pollution, and climate change through unsustainable practices. Our mission is to improve how we produce and consume food.

Worldwide agriculture accounts for:

70% of Fresh Water

34.4% of All Land

30% of GHG Emissions

Industrial agriculture has narrowed and simplified the food chain into a system that focuses on standards of quantity, uniformity and monetary cost, while ignoring factors of quality, sustainability, and resource cost. A future food system will have to prioritize efficiently satisfying each individual’s nutritional needs with minimal environmental impact.

One-Third of the food we buy ends up in the trash

Waste Not, Want Not

According to a USDA study, Americans wasted 31% of food produced in 2010. That added up to 161 billion dollars. However, food waste isn’t just a problem at the consumer level. 30% of harvested crops never even make it to store shelves. Farmers discard parts in order to make the food more aesthetically pleasing. This is due to the frame of mind people have when they buy produce. We want our fruits and veggies to look shiny and perfect. Though, in reality, cosmetically imperfect produce is still edible and nutrient-rich.

More than half of what we eat is "Ultra-Processed"

The Growing Health Epidemic

This increase in consumption of sugary, fatty, ultra-processed foods especially meats has undoubtedly contributed to a health epidemic responsible for the deaths of 670,000 Americans annually, more than alcohol, tobacco, and drugs combined. So consuming more minimally processed vegan foods is not only crucial for the health of the planet but also for its domestic inhabitants (us).

Our future global food system Needs To Be:




Agriculture is the world's largest industry. The need for sustainable resource management is increasingly urgent. Demand for agricultural commodities is increasing as the world's population grows. Agriculture’s affect on the world economy, human health and biodiversity make it one of the most important sectors for innovation.


Personalized Nutritionally Complete Drinkable Meals

Optimeal is a drinkable meal made from 30 fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes and grains. Formulated in accordance to the research done by the EAT-Lance Commission as well as studies conducted by the Nutrition Studies Research Group at The Stanford School of Medicine and top nutritionist globally, Optimeal comes in a personalized formula to fulfill your unique nutritional needs.

How It's Made


Optimeal is made from 30 fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains. By utilizing a variety of high-quality, real food ingredients, our drinkable meals deliver a full range of nutrients to optimize your health.


The ingredients we use are blended and dried, removing water extends the shelf life of the nutrients. Our dry blends focus on individual well being and optimal performance. Just add water and drink.


Our subscribers receive their personalized Optimeal formulas delivered in their preferred quantity on a schedule that is convenient for them. Adjustments to your: formula, quantity, or delivery schedule can be made conveniently through the OptiHealth app.

High Quality Healthy Ingredients

Eating a variety of colors is crucial for optimal health, this is because the color of a fruit or vegetable is caused by specific phytonutrients, and each color indicates an abundance of vitamins and minerals. According to the most recent phytonutrients report (based on data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys), 8 out of 10 people in the US fall short in virtually every color category of phytonutrients. Optimeal contains them all.

No Artificial Additives

Safe GMO’s

Soy Free


Gluten Free

By utilizing a variety of high-quality, fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains, our drinkable meals deliver a full range of nutrients to optimize your health. This is important because despite the average American now consuming 3,600 calories per day (an increase of 25% since 1961), an estimated 92% of Americans have a Vitamin Deficiency.

Are you one of them?

Save Time

Americans spend an average of 37 minutes every day preparing food, eating and cleaning up, that amounts to 225 hours or over 9 days every year Optimeal can help you get back!

Save Money

The average American spends $4.35 per meal, this means if you replace one meal a day with Optimeal on average you would save $858 every year!

Save Yourself

Consuming one Optimeal a day can improve your health and drastically reduce your risk of obesity, heart disease, cancer, and other ailments caused by poor nutrition.

Save Animals

150 million farm animals are killed for food around the world every day! That comes out to 56 billion animals killed for food every year! Or about 150 animals killed per meat eater!

Save Earth

Globally 37% of all land and 70% of all freshwater is used for agriculture and food production accounts for over 25% of all carbon emissions. Optimeal is going carbon neutral! 😎

Streamlined supply chain

Traditionally a product goes through several price markups before you have the opportunity to purchase it, by streamlining our supply chain, cutting middlemen, we maximize efficiency and speed while minimizing cost and environmental impact. 

As we grow our supply chain will evolve to give us end to end control over the produce used in our products. Stage 1, Opti HQ acts as manufacturer, brand, distributer, and retailer, selling direct to consumer allows us to undercut the competition. Stage 2, Opti Labs will accelerate our R&D ventures, keeping us ahead of the competition. Stage 3, Opti Farms will ensure high quality and environmental sustainability of our produce and further reduce the cost of our formulas.


Helping You Reach Your Health Goals

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Optihealth is your digital nutritionist and personal trainer.

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