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Some form of the OptiHealth app will be available when we launch early 2020. It’s unlikely that all of our ingredients complete tracking information will be available initially but we want that information as much as you do and will make it available through the app as soon as we have it.

Optimeal is made from 30 fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains all grown on farms in the US and Mexico. By utilizing a variety of high-quality, real food ingredients, our drinkable meals deliver a full range of nutrients to optimize your health.

At our facility the ingredients are finely blended together into a puree. We then remove air and water by spray drying the mixture at a temperature just high enough to evaporate the water molecules but not any of the nutrients, this process reduces weight and extends shelf life all without any additives. We do all this so all you have to do is add water.

The packaged shelf life of Optimeal is estimated to be over 2 years. After opening your Optimeal we recommend using it within 3 months, although it should last longer than that if properly stored.

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