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Valuable information at your fingertips

Using our app is as simple as downloading it from the app store and scanning the qr code located on the back of your Optimeal product, this allows you to create an account and view relevant information on every ingredient, including; nutritional profile, age and location history, health benefits, and more. Our app can also (with your permission) track relevant health metrics to personalize your Optimeal formula to better meet your unique nutritional needs.

Transparenecy like you’ve never seen

We utilize IBM’s Food Trust blockchain to create unprecedented visibility and accountability in our food supply chain to connect our farmers, processors, distributors, and customers through a permissioned, permanent and shared record of food system data. This Top-to-bottom visibility gives you the power to verify where each ingredient is from and how long they’ve been traveling in real-time. Access to secure transactional data, temperature data, and inventory data, gives us the power to make proactive decisions based on that data that can optimize and improve our supply chain; reducing waste, improving ingredient quality, extending shelf life, etc. In the event of a recall we are able to instantly identify the responsible party and alert and reimburse all affected customers.

And so much more…

Imagine a future where you can breath into a breathalyzer plugged into your phone and advanced machine learning algorithms can analyze nutrient levels and diagnose you with an iron deficiency, before it’s manifested into a costly physical ailment. Imagine this information is relayed to our team and we are able to proactively increase the amount of iron in your next batch Optimeal. While an OptiHealth breathalyzer may be far in the future, presently we can use simple metrics like: height, weight, blood pressure, daily exercise amount, etc. to personalize your formula to best accommodate your lifestyle and help you meet your goals. Suspect you require extra protein in your blend? Adjust it manually through our app. Use the app to track your progress, adjust your Optimeal blend, and choose limited edition promotional items like pens, frisbees, or clothes, etc. to receive in your next box.

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