Research and Development

Conducting high-quality nutritional science studies that substantially impact human health and national/global nutrition policies.

Sustainable Agriculture

Streamlining the production and distribution of nutrients by developing sustainable micro-climate farms on location.

Optimize Personal Wellness

Halting and reversing the global health decline epidemic through our personalized drinkable meal formulas and personalized exercises.

Research and Development:

Research & Development is a huge priority at Optimeal to improve our product and keep us ahead of the competition, it’s also our favorite tax write off. Our primary goals with OptiLabs are: to develop a machine learning algorithm that accurately curates personalized optimeal formulas based on physiological data and individual goals, to improve and measure our products health benefits through clinical trials, and to measure and extend our products shelf life.

Another goal of our R&D department is to improve the quality of the ingredients we grow on location, we will accomplish this using data provided by food computers, which will grow produce in micro-climates optimized by artificial intelligence. These mini-greenhouses will generate millions of data points for each growth cycle of a single plant, the AI use machine learning to analyze this data and create new and better “climate recipes” which we can then recreate in our own greenhouses and vertical farms to grow food indoors.

Sustainable Agriculture:

As we become profitable and expand our customer base our facility will evolve to grow and process more of our produce on location in our fields, vertical farms and climate simulated greenhouses. We see this transition from farms to our tech-filled greenhouses to be necessary  for food security as climate change makes it more difficult to grow crops in outdoor farms because of heat waves, more frequent storms, and more pests and disease, as well as long term cost reduction and quality control. The technology will also eliminate food miles, optimizing freshness, and prolonging shelf life: Instead of shipping avocados from Mexico to our facility, our smart greenhouses will precisely recreate a Mexican climate or tweak it to create a climate even better for growing avocados. These changes will be made gradually and when it is clear they are cost effective in the long-term.

Optimize Personal Wellness:

It’s 2:45 in the afternoon and you haven’t eaten lunch yet, you really need to finish what you’re working on but your hunger is distracting you, what are your options? You could make something yourself but you don’t have the time or ingredients. You could microwave a frozen ready meal, but like a growing number of the population your health conscious and avoid ingredients you can’t pronounce. there are fast healthy options like a wholefoods Spinach, feta & cage-free egg-white wrap, but at $9 a serving you’d rather go without. You want something convenient, healthy, and affordable but are left having to pick two at best. Personally I encountered this dilemma on a daily basis, as a solution I looked towards current meal replacement solutions and was disappointed with the low quality ingredients, poor nutritional profiles, and high costs. Our goal at Optimeal is to deliver a nutritionally complete meal that is both convenient and affordable to meet the changing demands of the busy, health conscious, penny-pinching consumer.

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